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We use industry leading technology to keep your vehicle moving!

Listed below are just a few ways we make the process better!

  • Advanced Diagnostic Equipment: Here at Full Circle Automotive, we are committed to getting the right diagnosis the first time. That is why we use advanced diagnostic equipment such as the Snap-On Zeus, the Bosch ADS series scanners and AUTEL's series of advanced diagnostic equipment just to name a few. 

  • The Best Tools: Our team uses only the best tools available to service your car. Sometimes standard tools cannot get the job done, so our vast inventory of specialty tools allows us to complete almost any task.

  • The Best Equipment: Our equipment is state-of-the-art, from our Hunter Road Force tire balancer, to our 4-post alignment rack. These precision tools provide the best result and help us exceed every expectation.

Equipment Highlights:

  • Hunter Road Force Balancer: This system allows us to see what can't be seen on a wheel. Using its diagnostic load roller it can identify vibrations, pulling, and bends helping us get you to a "New car feeling". This machine also uses a wheel and tire matching system to calibrate the best positioning of the tire on the rim to match the high and low spots on a wheel. Finally, this system gets clever on how to hide supplemental wheel weights providing an esthetically pleasing yet perfectly functional wheel. 

  • Hunter 4 Post Alignment Machine: We have one of the most advanced and accurate machines on the market. Delivering a near perfect result is our goal. Our highly trained technicians can get your car lined up with millimeter precision

  • Shop-Ware: Shop-Ware is a shop management system that connects the customer directly with the repair facility. You can check on the status of your vehicle, approve estimates and make comments from anywhere! Our technicians report on the status and condition of your vehicle to help keep you in the loop at all times!

  • Factory Manufacturer Programming: Our facility is certified to program your vehicle with factory software making our process equivalent to the dealership.

Here at Full Circle Automotive our shop technology is truly the best. Experience the difference Today!

Call us to make an appointment!

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