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When your vehicles are down, they are not producing. Our team at Full Circle Automotive truly understands the importance of fleet vehicles to your business, therefore aims to communicate and understand the special needs of our business fleet customers.


By having your fleet vehicles routinely and correctly maintained, the lifespan of your vehicle will be enhanced and unnecessary breakdowns will be prevented. This means less overall down time and more productivity; saving your business time, money and aggravation.


While there are many options in choosing a service provider for your fleet, Full Circle Automotive strives to be your "one stop shop", covering all of your automotive needs, from oil changes and tires to replacing drivetrain components. We integrate with a multitude of fleet service contracts (i.e. Enterprise Fleet Management, Car Advise, GSA, ARI and more!) We hope you will join our growing number of fleet accounts and experience the difference!

Call us about our fleet service contracts Today! 

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