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The survivor label can sometimes be used loosely, I’d like to take this time to portray just how much of a TRUE SURVIVOR this 1984 Datsun 300ZX really is. It's a documented one-family car that was extremely well cared for by the original owner.

When the original owner passed away, he left it to his brother and he sent it to us to have a full paint correction and mechanical restoration. 


The original warranty card shows this car was sold brand new in November of 1983, with 9 miles on it, about two hours from our showroom at Sansone Datsun in Neptune NJ. It's an early VIN (#3225) coupe that has stayed with this original family for almost 38 years.That kind of history is fun to talk about, but what's really attractive is how this example also wears its original interior and factory paint, that was restored/cleaned with respect and pride. The black paint is still the original application throughout, and while the odometer reflects the actual mileage (only about 9000 miles), you can tell this car has only been carefully enjoyed. The factory alloy wheels are bright, the headlights rest flush, the doors close with solidity, the body panels retain the crisp look that made this generation of sharp-edged Z-cars so sporty.


Nissan and Datsun had moved up further in the market with this generation 300ZX, and the interior really showcases this nicely. The coveted velure front bucket seats still retain  that plush feel that critics raved about, and continue the survivor feeling, right down to the radio knobs and buttons. You've got great factory features like power windows, power locks, power side mirrors, a rear defogger, and a rear wiper. Plus, the factory AM/FM/cassette stereo and air conditioning work like new. Some of the components are still covered with the factory pre-delivery plastics. This generation of 300zx was one of the pioneers of the driver centric interior layout. All features aimed at the driver's side of the vehicle or are within arms reach. Also, the multi-function steering wheel comes on a tilt column to give you an unobstructed view of the clearly lit orange gauges that showcases the car’s retro-cool.


Under the hood is the VG30E 3.0-liter fuel-injected V6. The VG30E designation is the first mass produced 60° V6 engine from Japan and it paved the way for the superior reliability and power that we expect from a Japanese V6 engine in the present. This remarkable grand tourer car has a coveted FS5R90A 5 Speed manual transmission.

The power is fed to the rear wheels with the Nissan R200 rear differential.

The fully independent sports suspension and four-wheel power disc brakes make for a Intoxicatingly fun driver. The plush ride and the overall balanced handling makes it an all-around great touring car.


This “Zenki” (鬼神童子Z)  example is the ideal picture that Kazumasu Takagi (the designer of the Z31 generation) had when he drew up the “Fairlady Z” 280 and 300zx in 1982. Without the excessive aero, and the hood scoop that are noted on the later "Kouki"        (こうき) cars produced from 1987-1989 right before the z32 generation. 

The 1984 is the first year for the 300zx in the United States with only 31,581 2 seat non-turbo examples built for the US


This museum quality survivor comes complete with original docume   nts like the owner's manual and original warranty card,  This is the new era of Japanese classics, and it's becoming much harder to find a well-preserved example with a one-family history.

1983 Datsun 300ZX GLL

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