Professionally Restored 1950 Dodge Pilot



Location: Medford, New Jersey, 08055
VIN #: 822Location08696
Mileage: 800
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Mint
Exterior: Dodge Truck Green
Interior: Saddle brown


This 1950 Dodge B-series pickup is a rare find and one of the best examples available in a B series truck. EVERYTHING - Every nut and bolt - has been refinished and restored to original on this truck. The project was started with an extremely rare well preserved dodge truck that was rust free, it was disassembled and improved upon from there! All the wiring was replaced with the period correct replacement wiring harnesses to prevent the common electrical "gremlins" that like to torment vintage cars. Everything else on the truck was restored to original with the only exception being it was converted to a 12 Volt system. This truck runs and drives as if it were brand new!

Series B pickups came standard with a flathead straight-six engine, and that is what still powers the truck today! At the factory the engine was shifted forward and the front axle moved back on the frame for better weight distribution and a shorter wheelbase. This Ram was extensively and professionally restored for your pleasure! The solid body and bed were refinished in Dodge Truck Dark Green which remains in excellent overall condition to this day. The body work is show quality and the fit and finish of the panels speak for themselves! The bed has an oak floor that fits and shows well. Stock wheels finished off with the Dodge dog dish style hubcaps and newer "original style" tires provide the final touch to the exterior.

Inside, like the rest of the truck, the cab has been fully restored. The seat was reupholstered in a nice original style brown vinyl, that gives it a clean classic feel. This particular truck has the optional " Air-O-Ride" seat and supports as many as three full sized men comfortably on a cushion that is air assisted by coil springs, and regulated by a lever that allows a vent to open and close to regulate the seats firmness. The factory steering wheel is stately and the classic dash holds a complete set of working gauges. Backing up the quiet flathead, a four speed manual gearbox is managed by the comfortable original floor shifter. This is a very nicely restored truck that is really fun to drive. These early Dodge pick-ups are very scarce lots of Chevys and Fords out there, but you will seldom see an early Ram.

The Tool Kit and an extensive file including pictures and notes from the restoration process are included with the truck.

Again, every nut and bolt on this truck has been re-done and another $5,000 was just spent at a specialty shop to have it completely gone through front to back. This truck is tuned very well and does not require a choke or pumping of the gas pedal to get it to start, you turn the ignition to the on position hit the foot pedal and it starts right up and idles nicely! No leaks and everything works as it should!

1950 Dodge Pilot

  • - "Like Ford, Dodge's first all-new post-WWII vehicle was a truck. Dubbed the B-Series, the new pickup design was very clean, with a more squared-off profile than its competition. Along with Studebaker, Dodge began the trend of integrating the front fenders as a whole concise component of the truck in lieu of just hanging them off the side. Dodge carried this general design though to 1951, at which point the company enacted a light restyling centered primarily on a new double bar grille theme. These "Job Rated" pickups continued with only modest trim tweaks through 1953. While not as zippy as Ford's or Chevy's truck offerings, the rock-solid durability and economy of Chrysler's flathead sixes--which were in all Dodge pickups of this era--made the B-Series a popular work rig. Wildly popular then and now was Dodge's five-window "Pilot House" cab. While GM pickups of this era also offered a five-window design, the B1-B ½ ton model's execution was more necessary due to the standard cab having such a small center rear window. Dodge trucks were also unique at this time for offering both a "low-side" and a "high-side" pickup box. Today, generally speaking, the "low-side" box, as shown on this truck, has the most interest."

    - "The B-series trucks were produced from 1948-1953. The high-visibility pilot-house cab was 2.5 inches taller, 3 inches long, and over 6 inches wider than its predecessor and was rubber-mounted. The truck's improved ventilation included optional vent widows, a large cowl ventilation, forced air intake and a new heater with fan and defroster tubes."
    "Restored 1950 Dodge pick-ups are good values in the classic market. Prices are reasonable and continue to rise."

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